Hari Nam Sankirtan (Brisbane)

Devotees from the Temple regularly go out on the street and perform Hari Nam Sankirtan. This is currently being done in the City every Friday afternoon beginning at 4pm from Govindas restaurant and every Sunday in a different suburb near you beginning at 2pm see Climate Change

Lord Chaitanya inaugurated the Sankirtan Movement in Navardwip West Bengal five hundred years ago. The devotees of ISKCON are continuing this tradition by taking to the streets with mrdangas and karatalas and chanting the Holy Name in congregation. Being the Yuga dharma this activity is supremely purifying for the whole atmosphere and also purifies the hearts of those devotees that join in the Hari Nam Sankirtan. One can feel the special mercy of Lord Chaitanya by taking to the treets and distributing this nectar of the Holy Names of the Lord. Read the rest: ISKCON.org.au

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