HH Janananda Swami Vyasa Puja, 2011: THE VIDEOs

Recently it was the Vyasa Puja of HH Janananda Swami Maharaj.

A while ago his dicsiples came up with the idea of making a video of Maharaj answering some questions to play on the occasion of his Vyasa Puja.

Somehow I happened to be around and I got to be the voice asking the questions. You can tell it’s me because I am really loud.

Anyway Janananda Swami has some very nice and interesting things to say. My favourite is his reponse to being asked what is his message for his disiples on the occaison of this Vyasa Puja.





Click here to find these videos and more are available at Rasika Devi Dasi’s You Tube Channel.

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