Australia: Kulimela is Coming

Kulimela Australia will be held at the beautiful Hare Krishna farm community of New Govardhana in northern New South Wales, surrounded by picturesque countryside and scenic mountains. Located on the East Coast of Australia, it lies between the sunny Gold Coast and chilled out new-age Byron Bay, two of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.

The event will be held from the 27th of December 2010 – 9th January 2011 and will be split into two distinct parts. The first week will be a jetlag recovery week with sight-seeing, organised tours, sports, exploring, adventures, and getting to know each other activities.

The second week sees the start of the formal Kulimela festival with a schedule of workshops, seminars, bhajans and Harinam, Japa walks, old-school games, Aussie sports and arts and entertainment.

The Kulimela will have four key areas of focus

Arts and Entertainment
Health and Medicinal
Spiritual and Community Development
Business and Management

We are looking for participants to conduct workshops and seminars, organise travel, accomodation, transport and artists to perform music, drama, and dance.

Check out the web site for more information

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