An imperfect guide to restringing japa beads

Let’s say you’ve got a really awesome set of japa beads. Maybe initiation mala or, like me, some really nice and smooth beads. But, this being kali-yuga, the cord breaks. Yikes!

So let’s restring them!

Now, I’m sure that there are other methods, I’m sure that there is even a sastric method, complete with mantras and sacred knots. The way I’m about to describe isn’t that. It’s just how I restrung my beads. Here you go!

First, we’ll need a few things. Scissors, of course. Also some vice grips and regular pliers and a small drill bit (size is up to you). You’ll need a large-ish needle. Not as large as a garlanding needle, but bigger than a regular sewing needle. Also, your favorite cord. Could be the fishingline-like material or nylon. Don’t use hemp. Sure, it’s the strongest natural fiber, but it won’t hold up very long. You’ll be restringing them again within a month.

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