ISKCON Crashes The Big Day Out Rock Festival

Devotees of Krishna were invited to bring kirtan to The Big Day out, a giant rock festival held in Sydney each year over three days. For two of those days a team of devotees from Sydney, led by Sri Prahlada, took to the stage and shared the holy names with the crowd in the form of the Mahamantra.

It took a while each day for the crowd to warm up but eventually many people felt the need get up and dance to the trancendental sound of the kirtan. Sri Prahlada took time to explain to the crowd the various instruments being used, harmonium, mrdanga, etc. He also explained the purpose of chanting krishna’s names in order to cleanse the heart and reduce anxiety and suffering, and cultivate our spiritual nature. Sharing the lead with Gitanjali Devi Dasi Prahlada explained that bliss would result from participating in the chant. From the faces of the dancers you can see that this was clearly the case.

At the end of the on-stage concert the devotees formed a harinam party and weaved a ribbon of joy through the crowd of over 30,000 people attending the event. Many danced spontaneously as the Harinam party passed by and some folllowed along, unable to pull themselved away from the experience.

Overall the crowd responded with great joy upon hearing the the sound of the drums, kartals and harmonium and the chanting of Hare Krishna. A whole new generation of young people had the seed of the Mahamantra indelibely printed on their minds and hearts.

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