ISKCON Perth: Harinam in pictures

You have heard about them and now here they are. Be the first amongst your friends to see the ISKCON Perth Harinam pictures recently revealed on Facebook.

See devotees from Perth out in the street chanting the holy names, and see the inner glow it produces. See the expert use of instruments and the nimble footwork.

Here we can see the mood building as devotees crank up the volume and start to bring the whole mind and body into kirtan yoga.

As the mood takes over and the devotees become surrounded by the vibration and it begins to show in their bodies and you can tell by appearance that they are deeply absorbed.

And then they are off and like a tide moving ever toward the sea the devotees are propelled by the Harinam in their hearts and on their lips.

As the Harinam angels move through the community Krishna seeps into the ears and the hearts of those along the way and those who pass by the assembled chanting devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

In Perth there is singing, dancing, whompers and devotional literature to distribute. All glories to the service of these devotees and those everywhere else. Hare Krishna!

See the rest here: At ISKCON Perth on Facebook

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