This is Kulimela Australia – Don’t be the one saying “I wish I went”

Subject: 5 weeks away!!!

It is really time to start getting over excited as things are heating up!!!

Remember to register before 30th of Nov to save $$$ on Pre-Registration and if you want to take part in the jet-lag recovery/sightseeing week you only have 3 weeks to RSVP and register to let us know or the buses will be filled with people that aren’t you!

Encase you have been a sleep for a little while, here is just a small reminder of some of the festivities:

-7days of ecstatic Kirtan from the best on the planet! (Gauravani, Mayapuris, Sri P… etc)

-Amazing Prasadam including Kurma’s final feast and 3days of workshops.

-Daily japa walks, relaxation and Yoga workshops

-4 nights of entertainment (music, comedy..etc all the good stuff)

– Seminars and workshops on everything from the Holy name to Out door survival…

-sports, incl. wrestling & soccer tournaments

– The association of Hundreds of Kulis (my favourite 😉

– The list never ends

….Seriously, don’t be the one saying “I wish I went”

I can’t wait to see you all 🙂

Don’t forget to spread the word!

Your Servant & Friend,

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