Did Lord Nrsimha appear in Germany 32,000 years ago?

Much news about prehistoric finds and their possible meaning has been revealed to the world in the last decade. One report of an article found in South Germany is said to leave scientists amazed. The “lion man” is an artifact made from the tusk of a mammoth in the form of a human body with a lion head. Amazingly dating shows it could be 32,000 years old.

This discovery garnered a lot of attention in archaeological circles in Europe. In Excavations around 1930-35 at the Lonetal area near Ulm, German scientists had found an immense cave system with lots of prehistoric artifacts.

Initially only representations of birds, horses, turtles and even single lions where found but not a morphological combination of men and animal. Naturally the “lion man” find was seen to be unique. It became also clear during the later examinations that the “lion-men” was used for ritual purposes, unlike the other items which seemed to have accompanied the dead.

The “lion man” was found exactly at the place in the cave where day and night meet, about 20 meters away from the entrance, and buried 1.2 meters deep. Many parts of the figure were broken and where found scattered in the area. It took some time to finish the work of and reconstructing the figure and to see it as a whole.

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