Man these cats really really wail: 24 Hour Kirtan

Photo by Naveen Gupta

All the big cats came down to the farm at Millfield in New South Wales on the east coast of Australia and man they really, really, wailed. The roof was blown off on a number of occasions, and the doors had to be kept open to prevent damage.

Recently New Gokula Farm in Millfield, near Cessnock NSW, hosted the latest 24 Hour Kirtan festival, and what a festival it was. Devotees came from everywhere to participate in the event in the beautiful surroundings of the farm.

The entire event sound mixed by Ekendra Dasa and was broadcast live via the interenet with and audio and video stream powered by Sitapati Dasa of extending the reach of the event to a world audience.

Photo by Naveen Gupta

“I felt the festival was a success for one standout reason,” Says Nimai Hawkins the driving force behind the New Golkula festival. “Everyone gave kirtan everything they had.”

Nimai sees a connection between the 24 Kirtan series and street Harinam. According to Nimai 24 hour kirtan is not a mater of preaching to the converted. “Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu locked the doors of Srivas Angam when they held their all night kirtans. Not only were there no ‘newcomers’ present but they were banned. The hidden presence of a relative of one of the devotees was nearly made punishable. We are of course not banning newcomers from our programs but welcoming them with open arms. Yet still, why did Mahaprabhu do this?” Nimai says.

“To me the answer is,” Nimai continues, “that Mahaprabhu wanted to set an example of how to inspire devotees. If we’re always preaching and we forget that we have to remain inspired ourselves and go back home back to Godhead in this lifetime then what’s the benefit? When we associate with our intimate friends and fire each other up to get out on the street than we remain in such a state of enthusiasm and never lose devotees along the way.”

“These are my realizations on this program of chanting and dancing,” Nimai says. “All devotees should pursue a life of Harinam Sankirtan in the close intimate sadhu sanga of 24 hour kirtans or in the revolutionary spirit of saving the world on harinam.”

“I am 1000% behind the Harinam sankirtan revolution,” Nimai says. “There is not a flicker of doubt in my mind that this is the only way to save not just our society but the entire world from the perils of the onslaught of Kali yuga. I am seeing all my friends, who were just a year or so ago not so interested in Krishna consciousness, pursue chanting with a determination unrivaled anywhere in the world.”

Photo by the ant

The farm is the home of Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda. These beautiful deities share the altar in the temple with Gaura Nitai, Lord Jagannatha, Baladeva and Lady Subhadra and the parampara of ISKCON.

The farm is nestled on 500 acres on the edge of a leafy forest at the base of a large tree covered hill. The luckiest cows in the coutry live here under the loving care of Kaliya Krsna Dasa.

Check out the New Gokula web site by clicking here.

Re-live the event by watching the final kirtan

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