Go Mata Seva Trust: Purveyors of the finest urine and dung…cow that is!

Today there is general apathy and neglect towards Cows because of gross lack of knowledge about her and her glories. Therefore, there is great need to reawaken this knowledge and spread it among people. People feel that maintaining cows after their milking period is burdensome because they don’t know her full glories.

It’s just like carrying a blank cheque may seem useless if we don’t know what cheque is. Proper knowledge about cows is a great necessasity in today’s world. In proper knowledge no one will like to neglect them and everyone will start caring for them as it was done in past.

As devotees of ISKCON we are trying to follow our Acharya Srila Prabhupada’s instructions to follow varnashrma dharma in these program one part is cow protection so we are trying to serve gomata. Please join us by using go product in your daily life.

We at ‘Go Mata Seva Trust (GoMataSeva.org) are committed to work on our dedicated mission of Cow Protection and avail people of cow products and of the knowledge of the importance ofthe cow to the world.

We serve and maintain a pure breed of ‘GIR Cows’ also called ‘GIR Gaiya’ which are purely nourished and well maintained here at our Goshala in the traditional Indian Vedic way. We are producing various pure medicines from the raw products such as Cow Urine, Cow Dung and Ghee, and trying to serve that to people to cure diseases.

Check out the web site and see what’s available. Don’t forget to ckeck out the gallery of photos

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