Mayapuris Last Stand – in Australia – Peace Yoga @ Burleigh Heads

Last night at Peace Yoga in Burleigh Heads, Australia, the Mayapuris revealed once again why they are the pre-eminent Kirtaniers on the planet today. They sing, they dance, they roll and they rock. No-one within the reach of the sound the Mayapuris make is left untouched. Look around you at a Mayapuris program and you will see people having a profound, ecstatic, religious experience. In kirtan you don’t need to wrestle with some complex philosophy, you don’t need to decide what you believe and don’t believe, in kirtan your eternal self, that which you are really made of is directly revealed to yourself.

From Mayapuris Last Stand – In Australia – Peace Yoga – Burleigh Heads, posted by Antony Brennan on 10/31/2011 (115 items)

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