Melbourne Fireball Rocks Kali Yuga: No Survivors intact

Photos by Harsha Ravi

By Antony Brennan for In Melbourne on Tuesday last a fireball Harinama Sankirtan crew destroyed all the Maya in their way as they faced off with the three modes of material nature at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Melbourne, which for the duration of the Harinama became the spiritual world, shook and shuddered, as the crown roared and as the Holy Names were spilled into the atmoshpere infiltrating every molecule and particle in earshot.

No-one in the mundane world survived intact from the onslought and all who percieved the sound were changed forever beyond their wildest dreams.

These photos are the evidence that the structures of the current Yuga are creaking under the pressure of Harinam. There is no other way, there is no other way THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

Join a Harinam party now. It is up to you.

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