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the Madd MonkWe awoke to Cidananda’s enthusiastic announcement of “pizza!” The hearty tour goers quickly complied. It was a beautiful Monday to kick back, relax and let the excess stress dissolve away. I passed HH Indradyumna Swami’s room. “Maddy” he called, and I took a double take. He started asking me about my profile picture on facebook, the one he had snapped up with his camera in Kolobrzeg. It was funny to talk with Maharaja about facebook and his photography. We chatted shortly and then he sent me on my way. Just as I was leaving, he added “by the way, I read all your blogs so be careful.” I laughed and said that I would (although I’m not sure I know where to draw the line ).

It was time for some semi spiritual Frisbee. This was our Monday tradition on tour and a good way to loosen the tightened joints from the long bus rides and other seva endeavours. After throwing around the disk with Cid, for a good half an hour or so, I returned to my laptop (another reason why the joints are stiff). Someone sent me a link to a youtube article, entitled “American Swami in Seattle”. I curiously opened it to find HH Radhanatha Swami being interviewed on Fox News! I was so amazed that I shared the link all over cyberspace. Lord Caitanya’s movement was spreading like wild fire. The interview was so positive that it seemed too good to be true. Radhanatha Swami genuinely captured the presenters, who would otherwise act interested only by default. His preaching was subtle and direct, perfect for the time, place and circumstance.

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