Aruddha Mataji and her son Radhika Raman in Sydney

They gave 3 evening classes on home schooling in the temple room each evening and addressed the various aspects of Krishna conscious home schooling as they practiced themselves in Boise, Idaho in the USA. Both Aruddha and Radhika Raman spoke interchangably in detail both why home schooling is beneficial in this day and age and the practical means to do it.

Vedic Leadership Seminar

HH Bhakti-Vidya Purna Swami Maharaja is hosting a seminar in North Sydney entitled Vedic Leadership. The seminar will be held at the Crows Nest Centre on the 7th and 8th of August 2010 . The cost is just $70 for the weekend including vegetarian meals. For bookings contact the temple on (02) 9959 4558 or email – please come and hear from this advanced devotee on how to apply the Vedic teachings in leading others towards the perfection of life.