Shyamananda Kirtan Mandali CD tops music charts

By Tulasi Devi Dasi

In a recent Dandavats article we were introduced to ISKCON Brisbane’s sensational new Youth band – Shyamananda Kirtan Mandali. In just one month they have sold-out of two pressings of their self-titled debut album CD’s and they have now gone on to feature as best-selling artists in the World category on the notorious internet music site Bandcamp.

Shyamananda Kirtan Mandali recently had the good fortune of accompanying His Grace Madhava Prabhu to various locations around Australia on his ‘Kirtan Forever’ tour. As a consequence their kirtans managed to capture the hearts of many listeners, including His Grace Sri Prahlada.

From Sri Prahlada’s latest Kirtan Newsletter:
“During the Murwillumbah kirtan retreat in early October I got to hear an amazing new kirtan youth group called Shymanananda Kirtan Mandali. Lead singer Ananda Shakir sang with a depth of devotion that came out in the richness of her voice that literally made my hair stand on end and brought tears to my eyes. She was accompanied by other youths, Ryan Nugent and Prayaag Maisuria, playing the mrdanga drum and kartala hand cymbals. After chanting with them for an hour I wanted more and I was happy to learn that they have recently recorded their debut album. Shyamanda Kirtan Mandali has been on repeat in my iTunes for the past month – 50 minutes of the most beautiful soulful maha-mantra kirtan in five different melodies, each with a different mood, but all speaking the language of the soul’s yearning for the Divine.”

Band member and album producer Ryan Nugent states, “Our goal is simple: to become aspiring servants of the Holy Names and to humbly assist the mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Srila Prabhupada”.

For more reviews and to hear the full album online for free, please click here:

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