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By Vijaya Gauranga

Welcome to ISKCON Sydney’s e-newsletter: We have very special guest His Holiness Bhakti-Vidya Purna Swami with us currently. Maharaja is hosting a seminar entitled Vedic Leadership in Crows Nest Centre on the 7th and 8th of August 2010 . The cost is just $70 for the weekend including vegetarian meals. For bookings contact the temple on (02) 9959 4558 or email – please come and hear from this advanced devotee on how to apply the Vedic teachings in leading others towards the perfection of life. Maharaja will also be giving lectures in the temple in the mornings at 7:45am and evenings at 7:30pm so please come and hear from a learned and experienced devotee. Schedule given below.

Starting on Friday 20th August is Jhulan-Yatra – Radha-Gopinatha’s Swing Festival, in which everyone gets a chance to swing the small Deities of Radha and Krishna on Their swing. The festival begins on the auspicious day of Pavitropana Ekadasi and runs until Balarama Jayanti a few days later. This happens after the 7 o’clock arati each evening until and including Tuesday 24th August so please come on one (or all) of these evenings for a special opportunity to perform this sweet and personal service to the Supreme Person and His eternal consort.

On Tuesday 24th August from 6pm we are celebrating Balarama-Jayanti, which is the divine appearance day of Lord Balarama who is Krishna’s eternal brother and first expansion. Krishna and Balarama are non-different as the same Supreme Lord except Krishna is blackish and Balarama whitish in complexion, and both enjoy transcendental pastimes both in the spiritual realm and in this world when They descend. Lord Balarama is the source of spiritual strength and so on this day we can become empowered to perform devotional service by worshipping Him. Please come and join us for a special festival of chanting, dancing, hearing the eternal pastimes and of course vegetarian feasting!

Earlier this week we had special guests Her Grace Aruddha Mataji and her son Radhika Raman Prabhu from the USA with us to host a seminar on Krishna Conscious Home Schooling. Aruddha Mataji and her husband began practicing Krishna consciousness in Chicago in the early 1980’s, and started the ISKCON Temple in Boise, USA, in 1986 as a small weekly program in their home. They home schooled both their sons, who both have PhD’s, and her eldest son Radhika Raman came with her to assist in teaching the seminar and also gave morning classes on Srimad-Bhagavatam. We thank them for coming to visit us and share their knowledge and experience, and thanks also to everyone who helped organise the programs and everyone who attended them. The classes were all recorded and will be shared online soon for everyone to download and hear.

Recently the annual Liverpool Ratha-Yatra was celebrated as the chariot of Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra was pulled with ropes around a circuit of Liverpool city centre back to Bigge Park where a stage program was held and a free prasadam feast served. Many hundreds of people participated in the program again this year, and we thank everyone involved in spreading the mercy of the holy names to the people of that area who happily received the festival. Below is a writeup from the local newspaper the Liverpool Leader including some photographs.

Term 3 of the temple Sunday School classes commence this Sunday 1st August and continue fortnightly until the next school holidays. Please register your child at the registration table in the temple foyer on Sunday 25th July or by email to Vilasa Manjari dasi:

As usual the Sunday Program runs each week from 4.30pm with arati and kirtans, prasadam available from 5.30pm and discourse at 6.15pm.

Below are listed all our donors for last month. Anyone wishing to contribute money can click the PayPal logo to donate online.

Thank you for your support.

Hope to see you all soon!

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