The Home of Kirtan

Sri Prahlada is a crash hot kirtanya who’s kirtan raises the roof where ever he goes.

He has travelled the world sharing the holy names and the beat of kirtan with people on every continent and in many countries.

Now Prahlada has found a created a place on the internet where you can keep up to date with his activities and with all things kirtan

Through this site Prahlada aims to facilitate your experience of the magic of kirtan in your daily life.

Become a member for FREE to maximize your access to all the great resources. As a member you will get instant access to kirtan articles, music samples & downloads, event news, and short films.

As member of the Sri Prahlada community you will also receive a weekly e-newsletter with realizations and experiences regarding kirtan, quotes from different spiritual teachers and traditions, and updates about up coming kirtan events.

Visit the web site join up and make a bookmark so you can find your way back there whenever that kirtan feeling calls.

Click here to travel their right now:

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