Sunrise in Goloka: The Video

The following video is made to encourage you to assist with cow protection. I you have ever considered that there is something you can do now is the time to act.

This video is made by who look after around 400 cows who would otherwise starve, die from disease or injuries received by collisions with cars on the streets of Vrindavan, India.

Care for Cows and other cow protection organisations need our help to keep on protecting and caring for cows around the world.

In Vrindavan many cows are kidnapped off the street and taken away in the night to be killed and cut up, and sold for people to eat.

The following video contains no violence, no gory pictures, nothing that will make you turn away. It merely shows you what cows are like when they are allowed to live a life without industrial scale exploitation. watch it to the end it will warm your heart

If you have ever felt like helping, please do it now. The organisatons listed below the video are calling for help.

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