Sydney, it’s Gopastami and Go-Puja in Regents Park 2017

New Gokula Hare Krishna Community & Sri Durgadevi Devasthanam Temple

Gopasdtami and Go Puja

On this day lord Sri Krishna became a qualified cowherd. Before this day, he was a keeper of the calves.

On Gopashtami day, Nanda Maharaja performed a ceremony for the cows and Krishna (and His friends) in Vrindavan, as He reached the pauganda age. This was the day Nanda Maharaja sent his children Krishna and Balarama to herd the cows for the first time.

Date: Saturday, 28 October 2017
Venue: Sri Durgadevi Devasthanam (Durga Mandir)
Address: 21 Rose Crescent, Regents Park
Time: Festival starts at 3PM with Go Puja commences at 5PM

Featuring: Bharat Natyam dances, Kirtan, Arati (worship) of Mother Cow and Free Prasadam.

For more details, Contact:
Kaliya 0488 178 293

Don’t miss this opportunity. Free Entry.

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Looking forward to seeing you all.

Hare Krishna !
Your servant,
Ananda Moya das
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