The City of Nine Gates – Sacinandana Swami

In a golden flash of light Sacinandana Swami and Madhava appeared at the Gold Coast Bhakti Centre. Seeing them there Jamal Arjuna called out “Look who’s here!” and a crowd quickly gathered. Sacinandana Swami began to talk and it sounded like music. He mentioned the city of nine gates and lifting his hand he pointed to the doorway and we all stepped in. We followed Maharaj to a building he called the house of the heart and he quickly popped inside and we all raced after him.

Within the house of the heart Madhava was calling out the Lords names in Kirtan. “With your hearts,” he said, and we called back from the bottom of our hearts. He played a melody on the harmonium which lifted our hearts. “A little bit louder,” he said. Vraja Dham had his camera, you know, the one with the golden lens – and he captured these images

Video by Vraja Dhama Dasa


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