Travels of an Australian Swami

Based in Australia Ramai Swami travels continually to temples and centres in Australia and abroad to enliven and inspire devotees in Krishna Consciousness.

Now he has started a blog to give us his electronic association and to spread news of his travels. In this episode he visits New Gokula, in the New South Wales Hunter Valley.

“New Gokula is our farming community nestled in the hills of Millfield about 2 hours north of Sydney. It was formerly a timber and mining town but now those activities have all but ceased. Today different type of people live in the area and many come up from Sydney to visit the nearby Hunter Valley vineyards.

We bought our 650 acre property around 1987 and since then made a small temple for Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda as well as a goshalla, barn and residences. Devotees milk the cows, work with the bullocks and grow various crops and vegetables throughout the year.

In the photos we see stalwart devotees Gokula das with the bullocks and Kaliya Krsna das picking vegetables from a paddock near the temple. Srila Prabhupada very much encouraged a simple life living off the land and it’s natural resources. He used to say “you can’t eat nuts and bolts manufactured in factories.”

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