Warning: Reading this story may attract you to Kirtan

You can feel the effect of Kirtan, it is palpable. Music and chanting has a powerful effect on us and some have to get up and dance when the rhythm is really humming along.

Sri Prahlada and the Bhaki Band took off like a rocket on Saturday at Govindas Lotus Room. With the chants displayed on the wall the Bhakti band tore a hole in the material world and let the spiritual sky pour in as we levitated from our seats.

During the Kirtan everyone became uplifted and had a smile on their face. Before we knew it the waves of bliss were flowing out of our very beings. Many people felt the strong urge to dance, some of us couldn’t resist it.

They say there are no “hard and fast” rules for participating in a Kirtan. Clap, sing, rock, smile, dance, and you wil love it. You will feel elated.

Music and chanting has a powerful effect on us, and Sri Prahlada told us that Kirtan would revive and awaken our sleeping spirit souls. So we all gave it our best shot. Everyone found themselves singing out at the top of their voice and clapping along.

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And then the feast

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