GET READY: World Holy Name Festival, almost here.

By Rasika Devi Dasi

World Holy Name Festival

THERE’S NOT TOO MANY more sleeps before the World Holy Name Festival for 2010 gets under way.

It all kicks off on September 17 and for the following 17 days all of us can dive into the ocean of bliss that is the Holy Name. There will be “Japathons”, mass Harinama Sankirtan parties and, on September 21 at 12 noon GMT, global prayer. This is Haridas Thakura’s appearance day and what better way to honour it than by encouraging everyone worldwide to chant the Holy Name together for 10 minutes. That’s going to create some powerful energy for Mayadevi to deal with!

I’m hoping to get something happening at Cronulla – and will try to come up with some fun twists to hopefully encourage our local team to get out in the mall and along the Esplanade. There’s no sweeter nectar than the Yuga Dhama so don’t be shy people!

Check out the web site for your local center or temple on the right of this page

CLICK HERE to find out more and download some goodies at the World Holy Name Festival site.

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