You Will Not Believe What This Movie is About, But it Will Make You Believe


Hare Krishna: The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami who started it all. This movie has everything. You will laugh and you will cry; you will be amazed and you’ll say “I can’t believe it but I am seeing it before my very eyes.”

Your skin will goosebump and you’ll get a limp in your throat. You will feel a rush of emotions. When you leave the cinema the lights will look different, your heart will beat differently and you will be remember who you are and what you had vowed you would make of yourself.

This is the movie you have been waiting for. BOOK NOW before it is too late.

Govindas session times
Friday 20th October 5:00 / 7:00 / 8:45
Saturday 21st October 3:00 / 5:00 / 6:30 / 8:30
Sunday 22nd October 1:00 / 7:15
Tuesday 24th October 4:00 / 8:30
Wednesday 25th October 5:00
Thursday 26th October 5:00 / 8:30
Friday 27th October 5:30 / 6:30 / 8:30
Saturday 28th October 3:00 / 6:30 / 8:30
Sunday 29th October 2:30


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