You’ll never guess what HH Jayapataka Swami says about Damodar Month (AKA Karthik)

Damodar month message from Jayapataka Swami on 2nd october 2017

Today is the Dwadasi day and in few more days starts the “Damodar” month. Damodar month is a special month. Vishnu says, anyone who performs any spiritual activity in this month gets one hundred times the benefit.

I asked Prabhupada what I should do for the Damodar month. He said, “You are a regular customer. These months give the new customers some special perks. For the regular customers, they are going to get all the deals, all the sales, automatically”.

So this is an opportunity to get new people to do some devotion for Lord Krishna.

Especially during this month of Damodar, known as Karthik Masa, it is prescribed to offer a lamp. Some people offer a cotton swab wrapped on a Tulsi twig to get a special boost; and some people offer a lamp, in a clay dona (cup). It doesn’t matter. This act of offering a lamp in this month of Damodar gives you special

The Damodar Mahatmya says that by offering a lamp in this month of Damodar, one can go to the spiritual world, and their forefathers they also benefit.

So in ISKCON, we are encouraging devotees to set some goal, “How many houses will be visited, how many lamps will be offered. Damodardesh, their goal is five thousand lamps. In Malaysia, they offer more than one hundred thousand. In every country they set the goal and they get the contacts of people who offer lamp to Yasoda and Damodar. So we would like to hear what your goal is.

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